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My name is Verko Vargas Barreto, better known by my stage name Machu el Bibliotecario. I am a passionate musician, writer, recorder, and producer. I boast for more than 25 years’ experience in this fantastic industry. Born and raised in the humble streets of Race, Puerto Rico, I believe I am a force to be reckoned with. I have been making music since 1992, during the times of the famous American duo Kriss Kross. I have participated in many talent shows back in my early schooling days. Unfortunately, in 1996, life took an unexpected turn, and I became addicted to drugs and alcohol. I was sent to juvenile at a very young for about two years till 1999. I came out of jail, moved to Cleveland, hoping to become a better person, and live a positive life. However, life gave me more lemonades, and I kept making the same mistakes until 2011. Luckily, life gave me another chance, and I have been sober since 2011. In early 2019, I focused on my music and dropped a few singles, such as Fiesta Mundia. To date, I have dropped more than 80 singles. Besides music, I also have experience in trucking, where I have a company called Verko trucking. I use my free time from trucking to explore the endless horizons of the music industry. I am looking forward to taking my music career to greater heights.

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